Worships the ability to survive and battle of the fittest

Name Alignment Purviews Favored Weapon 5e Domains Pathfinder Domains
Fhagoth True Neutral Oracle / Strategy / War / Blood Morningstar War, Knowledge Knowledge, War, Fire
Kurtuaum Lawful Evil Fertility / Protection / Battle / Honor Battleaxe Life Healing, War, Law
Fotaviz Chaotic Evil Magic / Cunning / Chaos Flail Trickery Trickery, Chaos, Magic, Maddness
Laustrigz Neutral Evil Healing / Survival / Wilds Longbow Nature Healing, Earth, Plants
Rakothas Chaotic Evil Rage / Battle / Bloodlust Longsword War Chaos, War, Maddness


Races in the Religion

Relations with other Pantheons

Pantheon Relationship

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