Worships the sea, they believe that the sea might be their original home of the nomadic people.

Name Alignment Purviews Favored Weapon 5e Domains Pathfinder Domains
Esselmal Neutral Good Travel / Divination / Water Trident Knowledge, Tempest Travel, Knowledge, Water, Weather
Branreen Chaotic Good Heroes / Fame / Cunning / battle Rapier War Glory, War, Trickery
Dairkal Chaotic Neutral Thieves / coins / secrets shortsword Trickery Trickery, darkness, Chaos
Likinren Chaotic Good Art / music / stories / healing Scimitar Life Good, Healing, Knowledge
Pedarindy Neutral Good Beasts / Nature / Diplomacy crossbow, light Nature Animal, Plant, Good
Furlalee Lawful Good Family / Revelry / Life Sickle Life Community, Healing, Good


Races in the Religion

Relations with other Pantheons

Pantheon Relationship

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