Worships fire, especially the hearth.

Name Alignment Purviews Favored Weapon 5e Domains Pathfinder Domains
Gilnura Lawful Good Hearth / Forge tender Warhammer Knowledge, Light Fire, Good, Rune, Protection
Olganrak Neutral Good Smithing / Creation Maul Light Fire, Artifice, Glory
Marthenoa True Neutral Stone / Gems / Wealth War Pick Nature Earth, Law, Nobility
Weradeth Lawful Neutral War / Soldier / Law Battleaxe War War, Law, Strength
Daliok Chaotic Neutral Death / Revelry Mace Trickery Death, Community, Charm
Glarwynne Chaotic Good Weddings / Love / Youth Quarterstaff Life Healing, Plant, Good
Bolvronalli Neutral Evil Dark / Tunnels / Secrets Crossbow, Heavy Trickery Knowledge, Earth, Trickery
Kilbalaim Lawful Neutral Grandfather / Lore / Magic Flail Knowledge Knowledge, Magic, Destruction


Races in the Religion

Relations with other Pantheons

Pantheon Relationship

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